Nuestros Tés - The Tea Adventures

Think about your favorite book or movie, with what tea would accompany you? We start with the idea of ​​creating concept teas that are an adventure for the senses. We present four main product lines: Literature, Womanhood, Cinema and TV-Series.

The choice of the tea part of evoking an idea or feeling based on each line, so that when you drink it you can live a unique experience within the theme that you like, yes, without leaving aside the quality of the teas.

Organic quality teas

Our tea supplier offers more than 400 organically controlled organic teas where the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as well as genetically engineered components is completely ignored. In our catalog, you will find different organic teas marked with the following seal

sello biologico, eco


In order to create a unique product we pack our teas in glass jars, with personalized labels and designed for each line of products. Our entire process of creation is done by hand and with much affection, from the original designs to the packaging and packaging of our teas.

We present our products in three sizes: 30, 50 and 100 grams. Depending on the variety of tea, the volume is different, so not all our teas occupy the same space within each jar. Do not worry! The weight of the product is the same in all containers, word of girlscout!

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