About us

Our Story

The Tea Adventures is the result of an initiative that was born looking for the perfect gift for a bookish friend by the end of 2016. All this started with Cora and Raquel, two friends pretty bookworms and passionate of the teas.

The Tea Adventures is born as a different and fun tea shop selling products for book lovers, moviegoers and not boring people.

Think of your favorite book or movie, what tea would you accompany with? We start from the idea of creating teas-concept that suppose an adventure for the senses from four main lines of products: Literature, Womanhood, Cinema and TV Series.

The choice of tea is based on evoking an idea or feeling based on each line, so that when you drink it you can live a unique experience within the theme that you like the most, without forgetting the quality of the teas.

Our Team


What we do

We create different teas inspired by the most beautiful things so that you can enjoy in your home a cup full of magical, literary and historical adventures.

Our online shop offers a catalog of handmade teas. In order to create a unique product we package our teas in glass jars, with personalized labels and designed for each product line. All our creation process is handmade with loads of love, from the original designs to the packaging of our teas.

We present our products in three sizes: 30, 50 and 100 grams. Depending on the variety of tea, the volume is different, so not all of our teas occupy the same space in each jar. Don't worry! The weight of the product is the same in all containers!


If you are looking for the perfect product for your customers, do not hesitate and contact us through this form.

The Tea Adventures has had the pleasure of collaborating with different companies making unique and quality products. Some of our collaborations include the creation of exclusive teas for two Spanish literary subscription boxes: El Correo Rebelde and Seven Colors Books.

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