Our Past TeaBoxes

Christmas at the Castle

December 2017

Diciembre TeaBox: Contenido

  1. Lemon Sherbet: black tea with lemon and ginger - 50 gr. (Exclusive)
  2. Pumpkin Juice: herbal tea with apple, pumpkin, quince, chocolate and popcorn - 50 gr. (Exclusive)
  3. Hogsmeade handmade candle - 100% soy (300 ml) peppermint and spruce smell and wooden wick - created by us (Exclusive)
  4. Handmade notebook with recycled paper and Owl&Letter art by TJ Lubrano (Exclusive)
  5. Golden Snitch silver pendant
  6. Print Hogwarts Map (42x30 cm.)
  7. Postcard with William Morris design - Houses of Hogwarts, created by us (Exclusive)
  8. Christmassy Dobby bookmark designed by us (Exclusive)

Extra: Ollivanders sugar wand with cotton candy flavour, ideal to sweeten your teas + Bag of Candies Bertie Bott’s (Almost) Every Flavour Beans

Thanks to Raquel @raqreads and Karla @miss_arte for these marvellous pics.

Alice in Wonderland

September 2017

Septiembre TeaBox: Contenido

  1. Alice's Tea: white tea sparkling wine strawberry taste - 30 gr. (Exclusive)
  2. Mad Hatter print created by us (Exclusive)
  3. Chesire Cat postcard designed by Bookmarks10 (Exclusive)
  4. Magnetic bookmarks White Rabbit / Chesire Cat by Bonitismo
  5. Mini-button badge It's always tea time

Extras: We're all mad here bookmark by Seven Colors Books (Exclusive) + Queen of Hearts candy bag

Thanks to Yaiza @nubedeenero for these awesome pics.

Summer Garden

August 2017

Agosto TeaBox: Contenido

  1. Two postcards inspired by Lazarevo and Tatiana and Alexander, designed by us (Exclusives)
  2. Lazarevo bookmark with double-sided design, created by us (Exclusive)
  3. Handmade candle - 100% soy (200 ml) vanilla and créme brûlée smell and cotton wick, created by us (Exclusive)
  4. Summer Garden tea: blend of Russian black tea with citronella - 50 gr. (Exclusive)

Mother of Dragons

July 2017

Julio TeaBox: contenido

  1. I am the blood of the dragon print designed by us (Exclusive)
  2. Mother of Dragons bookmark with double-sided design, created by us (Exclusive)
  3. Handmade candle - 100% soy (300 ml.) mulled wine scent and wooden wick, created by us (Exclusive)
  4. Our three teas inspired by Game of Thrones: Valyrian Fire, Winter is Here and the exclusive monthly tea Fire and Blood.

Thanks to Maite Vela @maiitevela for this amazing pic.