Nuestro Compromiso Eco

In keeping with our Quality Policy and in line with the Company's commitment to the environment, we start with the idea of ​​respecting the environment in the development of all our activities.

1Integral waste management:

Our commitment to the environment, translates into a comprehensive management of the waste produced in the process of creating our products and in receiving materials from our suppliers. All the waste of our company is selected and classified from the moment of its generation and its destinations can be three: reuse or recycling in our activity, delivery to authorized managers for recycling or destruction and finally, delivery of the organic waste generated to the Community for composting.

2Friends of glass:

From the outset we wanted to put special emphasis on the packaging of our products, so we decided to use glass containers that you can easily reuse and recycle. Glass is universally recognized as a material respectful of its content and environment, it is made from natural and sustainable raw materials. It is chemically inert, recyclable 100% infinite times and reusable. You can find out more at

How can I reuse your packaging?

In our blog you can find more information about the reuse of our glass jars, also online you can find a lot of ideas to reuse our containers.

3Ecological and recyclable carton:

In addition, we have opted for the use of ecological cardboard boxes and 100% recyclable to send all your orders.