Preparar una taza de té perfecta

To properly prepare your infusion, you must follow these steps.

1Firstly, you will need  P A T I E N C E

2The water must be soft and fresh. Using purified water allows tea to properly infuse and express itself.

3Put the tea in the filter of the cup or the teapot → How much tea do I use? Between 2 to 3 grams (one full teaspoon) per 200 ml of water (one cup of standard tea) is ideal on most teas. In case you are preparing a teapot, a tablespoon per cup and we can not forget an extra for the teapot, a matter of tradition and volume.

Medida cucharilla de té

4Pour the hot water - never let it boil - on the leaves and let them rest the corresponding time according to the variety of tea. Here below we leave you a table with recommended temperatures and the steeping time but sometimes there are exceptions*.

WHITE TEA: 60-70 ºC/1,5 minutes of infusion.

GREEN TEA: 75 ºC/2 minutes of infusion.

OOLONG TEA: 80 ºC/3 minutes of infusion.

ROOIBOS: 95 ºC/7-10 minutes of infusion.

PU ERH: 95 ºC/3-5 minutes of infusion.

BLACK TEA: 95 ºC/4-5 minutes of infusion.

5Remove the filter and stir the infusion and ¡ it's ready !

6You can also add sugar, honey or other sweeterners to your infusions. Besides, some tea varieties can be taken with milk, vegetable drinks or lemon. As a general rule, only black tea and rooibos can be taken with milk! You can add soya, almond or other vegetable milk to all the tea varieties!

*In the catalog and in the label of all our products you will find the temperature and specific steeping time for your teas to come out perfect!